Legato Unum at Capital Audio Fest 2018

The Sound

Smooth and relaxing was my initial take on the system. As we moved around various tracks, the character of the Sonner Audio Legatos never strayed far away from smooth, but depending on the media, the former relaxing was often exchanged for a thrilling and exciting performance. What made the system click with me most was that it imaged wide, placed instruments tightly, and held a space open for depth in layering.

Sound-stage height was also pleasantly large. And before you mention it, I did ask to hear the speakers without the plackarts installed and found no real differences in sonics that I could be sure about. We even removed them one at a time. With that experiment, most of my initial concerns were assuaged. Overall, the system was lively and noteworthy for being high value and high in fidelity.

The Accuphase E-270 really impressed me with it’s powerful grip on the bass, and ability to push the dynamics of the Sonner Audio monitors to high levels of delicacy around the upper mid-range and treble. Just for fun I did nudge both tone controls into the boost arena, and found their contribution perfectly subtle, as they should be. From there, the rest of my listening was done with the tone controls set to a flat response.