Technology and material

Sonner’s expertise in crossover design enables us to use different speaker drivers’ technologies and cone materials to achieve Sonner’s mission which is to produce Soul of Music, Soundstage and Imaging.

Ring Radiator Tweeter


The ring radiator tweeter produces sound by vibrating two ring shaped diaphragm. This small size of ring rolls moves the potential resonances to much higher frequency.

A phase plug is mounted at the center of the diaphragm with the objective to increase high frequencies extension. All of the above technologies contribute to a smoother and linear sound reproduction at low to high power levels.

Because the diaphragm can vibrate at large and rapid excursion, the chamber behind the diaphragm is designed to optimize the air flow and reduce backward standing waves.

Pushing the boundaries of Ring Radiator Technologies

Sonner takes this superior technology to the next level by implementing our proprietary design tweeter acoustics panel.

The shape and dimension of the acoustic panel tweeter opening is designed to complement time alignment of the cabinet and Sonner’s proprietary Panoramic Crossover Technology.

The main objective of the design is to control sound dispersion and improve coherent sound as if the sound comes from a single point source.


Legato Models Mid Woofer


Sonner takes advantage the natural sound and warm tonality of coated paper cone mid woofer and use them on our Legato models.

This medium size driver is selected for its superior ability to produce high resolution sound and fast transient response.

Legato Model Customized Woofer

A perfect piston woofer’s cone made from a light and stiff Aluminum cone is built to Sonner’s specification for Legato Duo’s bass module.

Sonner maintains a similar size of mid woofer and woofer for a seamless frequency integration and to optimize the sound dispersion.

Despite the medium size of our speaker drivers, both drivers will produce a big volume of sound and a powerful bass. This is due to their ability to create a large cone excursion. This superb performance is enabled by a powerful magnet system combined with light weight Copper Clad Aluminum voice coil wire. A special design is applied that minimizes air flow noise, speaker frame cavity resonance and backward sound reflection during this large excursion.

Reference model

Allegro Mid Woofer

The ultimate driver technology and materials is designed into Sonner’s reference product Allegro. This driver is customized to Sonner's specification.

The Allegro’s mid woofer cone is made from a Magnesium Aluminum alloy. The stiffness of this alloy allows a large and rapid pistonic cone movement without deforming/flexing its shape.

This cone has a high density of 1.9 gram/cm3 which enables vibration acceleration (stop and go cone movement) to occur in a split second. As a result, detailed sound and a fast transient can be heard effortlessly.

One unique property of this Magnesium Aluminum alloy is its self-damping sound characteristic. Warm, coherent, open and detailed sound is the outcome from using this unique material.


This mid woofer is designed with a large magnet and a long voice coil to support a large excursion cone movement. To prevent break up during the cone movement the driver includes a reinforced rubber surround with a radial pattern.

The large cone excursion can also create non linearity issue and air turbulence behind the cone. A heavy copper ring is mounted in the magnet poles to reduce any non-linearity and intermodulation distortion.

To minimize cone backward air flow and cavity resonant the speaker frame is constructed from molded metal with a large opening above and below the spider.