Our story

It all begins with the passion of music.

My music listening experience was always limited by the sound produced from Hi-Fi loudspeakers available in the marketplace. I was missing live music experience with its nature of soundstage, focused imaging, natural sound and emotion/expression of music. For that reason, I and my business partner started building speakers for ourselves 25 years ago. Our background in Industrial and Electrical engineering helped us tremendously in transforming our design to our current speaker models. During this journey we achieved a breakthrough in our loudspeaker design. These innovative speakers deliver what we were looking for in a loudspeaker: wide and deep soundstage, well focused imaging, natural sound with its nuance and emotion/expression of music. The speakers engage and draw us much closer to the sensation of live music than what we have been experiencing in the last 25 years. Listening to music thru these speakers compelled us to appreciate our music collection and to expand our music variety into different genres that we had not truly appreciate or been exposed to in the past.

Looking back to the reason we started building speakers, we wanted to share our loudspeakers to a wider population as a vehicle to enjoy music. Thanks to 20 years of engineering, business and manufacturing experience at large multinational corporations. In the end we figured out how to engineer and produce loudspeakers for music lovers around the world at manageable price points.
Sonner Audio was born in 2015


Our Mission

Our purpose in life is to build speakers that deliver the Soul of Music, Soundstage and Musician Imaging.