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Because music has Soundstage, Musician Imaging and Soul.

For the love of music, our speakers aim to channel all the sensations of live music to your living room. Experience music like never before.

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Destined to become a classic

Created by music lover

Sonner Audio develops state of the art speakers that create a realistic soundstage and focus imaging. Placing emphasis on musicality and natural tonal balance, Sonner Audio is dedicated to create an experience for the listener unlike anything but a live performance.



” But I did wind out saying wow, the soundstage width is incredible, with lots of ambient information flanking the seating position and creating enormous space ” Marc Phillips,

” … it’s the kind of speaker that just makes you want to cue up your favorite music, kick up your heels, and spend a lot more time listening. As it was with Legato Duo, making the acquaintance with Legato Unum was an absolute pleasure.”

Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, Oct 2020.

“… special charm of the Allegro Unum; it draws the listener into the music to a remarkable degree. I can’t think of a speaker this size I’d enjoy more.”   Richard Weiner, Mono and Stereo

“.. . the Legato Duos they were able to command and push the essence of music forward with their head turning dynamic agility. … simply sparkled here with their ability to go from zero to 60 nothing flat” Buzz Hughes, Hifi Plus, Jul 2019

“I was taken aback by the amount of detail and layered depth that was being revealed … The Legato reproduced sound in the way a topographical relief map indicates elevation and coordinates—it was as if the sonic longitude and latitude of images were carefully charted beforehand.” Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, April 2019.

“…by delivering exceptional wide, deep and well-focused soundstages that were truly impressive..” Chris Martens, Hifi Plus.

“.. satisfying orchestral weight and timbral nuance was evidence…” Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, Axpona 2018 Show Coverage

Allegro Unum

” .. It released a lovely, grain less treble notes, warm mids and quite deep lower bass notes..” Ken Micallef, Stereophile

“.. I got a nice big soundstage, good dynamics, the Allegro’s disappeared ..” Kemper Hold,

The Allegro’s are the finest speakers I have ever heard, nothing in my 56 years of audio comes remotely close to the majesty of what you have created. This is one of the best audio device I purchased in years. Thank you for the gift of live music, you have brought a joy into my life.   – John Z, USA.

Legato Semis

played Reference Recordings’ Big Band Basie, a live album, and I could clearly hear everything going on, including the hall itself. ” 

Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, 2018 NYAS show report ,

” .. has nice, big, spatial ease, coupled with delicacy and nuance. Nice..” Michael Lavorgna, 

Legato Unum

"... very clean and transparent with surprising bass fullness and dynamic capabilities. Good transparency at low levels, whip-crack fast transients. Like an electrostatic with more horse power and excellent imaging. That a reasonably sized monitor can offer such dynamics and power is very impressive.
- Norman Tracy of Positive Feedback

Legato Unum

"...depending on the media, the former relaxing was often exchanged for a thrilling and exciting performance. What made the system click with me that it imaged wide, placed instrument tightly, and held a space open for depth in layering..." Erik Franklin Shook,

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