Allegro Unum MKII (white)

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    • Sonner Allegro Unum in White
    • 1 inch Ring Dome Diaphragm
    • Custom Design Magnesium Cone
    • Ported Box Design

    Fashioned by lovers of music, our speakers aim to channel all the sensations of live music directly to your living room. Feel the music so close you can almost touch it. Hear the fingers of the artist move across their instrument. Envision the size of the stage or studio. Experience music like never before.

    Our sleek and minimalistic designs complement any decor, meaning you can focus solely on enjoying the music you love.

    (Available in black gloss, white gloss, and gloss rosewood finish.)


    At Sonner Audio, our focus is on providing you sound quality that is authentic and emotionally rich. Our Creative Development Team finely tunes each speaker beyond computer modeling and simulation, with extensive human listening tests to bring a completely unique, realistic and dynamic experience to fellow music enthusiasts like you.


    Compare the specifications of our competitors, but notice the difference in sound.
    Only Sonner Audio speakers offer this level of attainable realism.


    Technical Specifications:

    • 2-way stand mounted; ported box design.
    • State of the art ring dome diagram tweeter, magnesium cone woofer and high quality crossover components works in harmony with our Symmetrical Panoramic Design crossover network for a realistic sound stage.
    • One piece molded curve cabinet design with aluminum front baffle.


    • Tweeter: 1 inch Ring Dome Diaphragm
    • Woofer: 6 inch custom design magnesium cone


    • Crossover point: 2 KHz
    • Symmetrical Panoramic Design
    • Premium Grade Components

    Frequency range:

    • 43Hz – 23 KHz

    Nominal Impedance:

    • 8 Ohm

    Minimum impedance:

    • 5.5 Ohm

    Recommended Power Amplifier:

    • 3W to 250W

    Recommended Stand Height:

    • 26 inch


    1. 5 out of 5


      I WAS AT THE aXPONA SHOW IN 2018 AND i LISTENED TO SOME IMPRESSIVE tower SPEAKERS IN THE SONNER ROOM. I didn’t want tower speakers, and GUNNY, THE president of sonner, TOLD ME that the allegro unos were bookshelf speakers and he thought i’d be very happy with those. so, i took his advice and ordered a pair — sight unseen and without even listening to them– Something i would never ever do. but after listening to them, i was totally impressed with the detail, clarity and very tight bass. no need for a subwoofer with these speakers. In addition to it all, they’re beautiful to look at. i have nothing but good things to say and would highly recommend them. i’d give them more than 5 stars if i could. i would have left a review earlier, but i didn’t realize i could do so on the sonner website.

      I also have to mention that gunny is a great guy to work with. I returned to axpona this year and gunny remembered my name and my wife’s name and the music we liked.. very impressive! I wish there were more guys like gunny out there.

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